Project activites (2023)

The project includes the following key activities:

  • Monthly digital meetings to exchange more knowledge and teaching practices between NPLD universities and academic research institutions in the field of multilingualism, minority languages, language rights, language policy, language teaching: By meeting each other on a regular basis, this might form a good basis of trust for further cooperation in the language field.
  • Organizing a NPLD University Network Conference in Oradea, Romania, as the start of forming more strategic partnerships between different NPLD universities and academic research institutions: By meeting each other during the two days days it will be possible to get to know each other better, exchange experiences and also learn more about the regional context of the institution hosting the meeting, the Partium Christian University.
  • Organizing follow up meeting(s): The site(s) of the meeting(s) will be fixed at the Network Conference.
  • Organizing a Digital Closing Event: The outcome of this event is to summarize what has been reached so far but also looking forward how the different stakeholders in this project would like to go on.