Partium Christian University

Partium Christian University

Magyar (Hungarian) language in Romania


About the institution

The Hungarian language Partium Christian University (Partium Keresztény Egyetem) was set up in 2000 in Oradea, Bihor county, close to Romania’s western border, as a result of an ecumenical initiative of the Reformed and Roman-Catholic Churches, it assumes and continues the traditions of the Sulyok István Reformed College, founded by the Királyhágómellék Church District in 1990. PCU has assumed to offer professional training in order to respond to the needs of Hungarian minority to have specialists with a good mastering of both Hungarian and Romanian language, and it is the only institution of higher education within the Partium region with this kind of academic offer.

The teaching language of the university is Hungarian, but the academic programs of the institution are designed in such a way so as to ensure the familiarisation of students with the specialist terminology of their field of study in at least three languages: Hungarian, Romanian and one international language (English, German or French). Multilingualism and multiculturalism is promoted within the university also within its various BA level linguistic specialisations: German language and literature, English language and literature, Hungarian language and literature, and the combinations of those mentioned above. We also offer two language-related MA programs: Multilingualism and multiculturalism, Translation and interpretation.

The research activities of the university have a strong regional and cross border focus. The thematic research priorities are: language, culture and identity; regional development; the Hungarian community in Romania; cultures of Partium and Transylvania; concepts and practices of social justice; higher education and the education medium, with a special focus on minority and intercultural education; art and media of communication. The strong interest of the university in cultural and linguistic research is reflected by the significant number of high quality publications, international research grants and other cooperation projects as well as the hosting of international conference series specifically dedicated to linguistic and cultural issues.

Contact persons in the project

Flóra Gábor, Partium Christian University


full professor in sociology, advisor to the rector

Székedi Levente, Partium Christian University


assistant professor, head of the Department of Human and Social Sciences