Marcator / Fryske Akademy

Mercator / Fryske Akademy

Frysk (Frysian) language in Netherlands


About the institution

The Fryske Akademy is the research centre concerning the Dutch province of Fryslân and its people, its language and its culture.

Its research focuses on the language and history of Fryslân/Frisian community and is home to ‘Mercator: European Research Centre on Multilingualism and Language Learning’. The centre, funded by the provincial government, focuses on research and policy in multilingualism. Other elements of Mercator are an experts’ database in multilingualism, a series of Regional Dossiers describing the position of lesser-used languages in education, and a series of language fact sheets giving brief overviews of language diversity in the current and new EU Member States.

Contact person(s) in the project

Jelske Dijkstra, Mercator

Jelske Dijkstra

Researcher, Project Manager